—————————————————————————————————————————————————   The (NBA OMOKU BRANCH) is a professional, non-profit, umbrella association which is comprised of all lawyers called to the Nigerian Bar held from Omoku. MEMBER BENEFITS NBA MEMBERSHIP PROPOSITION/BENEFITS THE NBA AFFINITY BAR CARD The NBA Affinity Bar Card serves the multiple purpose of identifying a lawyer as well as a Debit Card for ATM, POS and online transactions. The NBA Bar Card contains the Name of Card Holder, Passport Photograph and Supreme Court Enrolment Number. The Card which is issued at no cost functions as a National Identification Card for all lawyers as well as a payment card (ATM Card) and as such can be used for the payment of Bar Practicing Fees, NBA conference fees and all other payments. It entitles a lawyer to a variety of discount packages negotiated by the NBA with partner organizations and companies. Click link for list of partners……………. To apply, click on the link and follow instructions. INSURANCE COVER To cater for the welfare of its members, the NBA entered into a strategic partnership with Leadway Assurance Company Limited to provide a feasible insurance policy for all lawyers who pay their Annual Bar Practice Fees as at when due(January – March 31st). The premium for this scheme is paid by the NBA and comes at no extra cost to lawyers. The NBA/Leadway Assurance 2016/2017 Scheme is ongoing therefore any member of the Bar who is yet to subscribe to this scheme is enjoined to do so. To apply, click and fill the form. Your Insurance Certificate will be sent to the email address provided as soon as your application is approved. The Insurance policy options proposed by Leadway Assurance cover: • Death or Accidental Permanent Total Accidental Disability; • Accidental death; • Critical illness and • Accidental Medical Expenses